Desperately seeking dolphins…


Last week I spent a fantastic few days exploring the beautiful Cardiganshire area of Mid-South Wales. It’s surprising I’ve lived in Wales most of my life yet there are still so many places I’ve yet to discover.

First stop was a tiny place called Mwnt. Weaving and winding through the coastal roads from North to South can be long and arduous if you focus only on the road, but take a closer look to your peripheries and you will catch a glimpse of the magnificent landscape; a beautiful coastline with deep blue sea glistening in the sun, surrounded by weathered cliffs and the occasional Kite soaring high above, waiting to catch its prey. On the opposite side of the road is miles of sleepy green countryside, rolling tumultuous hills, and of course plenty of welsh sheep!

We drove down a narrow winding road and suddenly we hit the sea. Perched on the cliff, below us a small sandy cove surrounded by rugged rocks and cliffs which led upwards to a mound on one side. At the bottom of this mound was a small white church with a few gravestones silently surrounding it. The sun was starting to set, igniting a deep orange reflection in the sea. It was stunning.

Sunset on Mwnt

Blankets, towels and wine in hand, we hopped excitedly down the meandering steps to the sandy inlet and found a corner to enjoy the sunset. Dipping my feet in the sandy shores looking for unusual shells and stones, I looked up and saw a ‘finned’ figure out to sea. I watched as it arched and disappeared under the waves. It was then I remembered reading information on the area ¬†and the possibility of sighting dolphins during the summer months.

Excited, all ideas of relaxing in the setting sun left my mind as we started to swim out towards the distant figures. There were two of them, playfully jumping in and out of the water. I was so excited, I swam and swam and swam and didn’t seem to be getting any closer! I swam so far out I eventually realised I was way out into the open sea. I treaded water for a while, watching the dolphins jump in and out of the sea with such ease and grace. Such interesting creatures. I turned back to shore, aware that this was as close as I was going to get to swimming with dolphins, at least for today.

sunset with dolphins

Back at the shore, warm and dry, I sipped a glass of wine and watched the sun slowly setting, my two new friends still dancing in and out of the waves in the distance.

I always think you have to travel great distances to see amazing things, but this was a reminder that you don’t always have to go far to have the greatest adventures…

Church at Mwnt

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