Kilimanjaro – walk to freedom


The much anticipated knock at my tent comes at 11.30pm, it feels like I’ve been sat waiting for it for hours. I only went to sleep at 9pm. This is it, summit night, no going back. I turn on my LuminAid solar tent light and dress as quickly as I can in my 7 layers, 3 trousers, hat, snood and gloves. I’m excited and terrified at the same time. My fear is of becoming too cold to look after myself, never mind anybody else in the group – the wind was so strong during my two hours attempted sleep I thought the tent was going to cave in around my […]

Not just a Scrubba…


On a recent month-long expedition to Tanzania with a group of excited teenagers hoping to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, my best friend and most valuable possession became the ‘Scrubba’! Its main purpose being a travelling washing machine, on my month long expedition with very basic facilities it became so much more than that! So I feel in order to do it justice and thank my Scrubba for being my best friend, below I have listed the 5 ways my Scrubba came to my rescue. 1. Dry bag storage – even before I had got off the plane and touched Tanzanian soil, little did I know that my heavy expedition rucksack was […]

Coast to Coast in a day…


I awake early to the sound of the radio alarm and the heavy rain noisily tapping on the velux window above me. I immediately remember what day it is and what I’m supposed to be doing and I’m a mixture of excitement, anticipation and trepidation.   Today I’m attempting to cycle Coast to Coast in a day, the Walney to Wear route with my boyfriend and adventure partner, Chris (although we’re actually starting from Foxfield not Walney as it’s right on our doorstep and is still essentially on the West coast!). We dress, eat breakfast and Chris does some last minute ‘faffing’ with the bikes before we put on our […]

First snow…


It’s mid December, I’m in the Lake District for the weekend and I’m getting increasingly excited as we round the corner towards Coniston and I see the snow covered mountains. The sky is bright blue and the air crisp as we put on our winter boots, check our bags and head off up the path to Coniston Old Man. A path I’ve walked a few times before but never in the snow, a few hundred metres up and we were already walking in fresh untrodden  snow. There’s something so exciting about stepping in the snow for the first time in the winter, so refreshing and such a unique feeling. We wound steadily […]

The Faraway Tree Adventures in Scotland!


Standing on our lodge terrace in Aviemore with a cup of tea in hand, I look over toward the distant mountains, shrouded in a grey haze. After a day of non stop rain yesterday, I’m hopeful for a clearer day. I’m in Scotland with family and friends (my Mum and Aunty – Geordies, and their two Scottish friends Pearl and Kathy who are also sisters and seem to have their own Scottish dialect!) for a few days and want to make the most of these mountains I’ve never been to before. My Aunty kindly drives me up to the Cairngorm car park with my surrogate and slightly worried aunty Pearl […]

Up close and personal with the Taj Mahal


Its 4.38am and I’m sat dressed on my bed in my hotel room in Agra. It’s possibly the first time in a long while I’ve woken up and leapt out of bed in excitement this early in the morning, and not crawled out from under the warm sheets wondering what on earth I’ve got myself into! At 5am we’re going to visit the Taj Mahal. We’re going this early not only to attempt to beat the madding crowds, but also to experience the Taj Mahal at sunrise, where the light reflecting off it’s marbled walls is supposed to make the Taj Mahal even more spectacular! Sat with a cup of […]

Autumn leaves


It may sound strange but I can smell autumn in the air! I’ve spent the last few days in the beautiful Lake District, it was particularly autumnal and I loved it! Bronze, gold and and teak coloured leaves lay scattered across the roads, the leaves still on the trees rapidly changing colour and ready to drop, morning dew delicately dripping down the windows, the light nights slowly drawing in followed by cool fresh mornings and beautiful sunsets. I didn’t do anything particularly adventurous or challenging for once, but my time spent there was very special all the same. Time spent on the pier at Coniston watching the sun set over […]

Womens Cycle challenge to support Macmillan


Last weekend I joined with over 700 other women and completed an 80km cycle around Cheshire for Macmillan Cancer support. Starting from the beautiful location of Tatton Park, it was a Women-only event, and it was a great atmosphere as soon as we entered the gates to the park. Hundreds of women were walking their bikes into the arena, excited families at  their sides. I was taking part with two friends, Jane and Joy. We were fairly relaxed and taking in the atmosphere, stopping to take photographs, queuing for the toilet and then suddenly we realised our ‘challenge’ group were all lined up at the start point, ready to go! […]

Anglesey Sandman Triathlon 2014


It’s Sunday morning, and after a fairly restless night I drag myself up and out of the camper van (lovingly known as Miss Daisy) to stretch my legs. After a dull and cloudy day yesterday it was refreshing to slide open Miss Daisys’ door to a bright orange sun gently rising up above the distant Snowdonian mountains. Autumnal dew slips off the grass cooling my toes as I stretch my legs and put on my tri suit. Today I’m competing (or rather taking part!) in the Sandman sprint triathlon in Newborough, Anglesey. It’s early, but already I know it’s going to be a beautiful day. It’s so clear, and as […]

Desperately seeking dolphins…


Last week I spent a fantastic few days exploring the beautiful Cardiganshire area of Mid-South Wales. It’s surprising I’ve lived in Wales most of my life yet there are still so many places I’ve yet to discover. First stop was a tiny place called Mwnt. Weaving and winding through the coastal roads from North to South can be long and arduous if you focus only on the road, but take a closer look to your peripheries and you will catch a glimpse of the magnificent landscape; a beautiful coastline with deep blue sea glistening in the sun, surrounded by weathered cliffs and the occasional Kite soaring high above, waiting to […]