Sat in the bath with an elephant!


I’m in Kerala, India, possibly the most fascinating country I’ve ever had the privilege to visit, and I’m about to experience an elephant ride for the first time ever! I’m very excited as our tuk tuk winds crazily up through narrow streets and dirt tracks to the elephant camp. It’s monsoon season, but it’s hot and humid. Arriving at the camp, I catch my first glimpse of an elephant, feeding on plants and grass. They look so serene, relaxed and graceful. We ‘book in’ and patiently await out turn. It doesn’t take long before we are being ushered onto our elephant, who waits patiently at the side of a 10 […]

Keralan Adventures…


  It was 4am, it was pitch black. I’m in the back of a tuk tuk with two 16 year olds, and it’s the first time in days I’ve felt a breeze in the my face as we cruise along the bumpy streets on our way to the train station. I feel a leap of excitement in my stomach –  already in the dim dusk of dawn there are people walking the streets, on their way to work, on their way home, talking as they go. I’m in India, or Fort Kochi, Kerala to be precise. I’ve only been here 3 days but already I’m amazed and in awe of […]

Swimming with Seals…


Sometimes the simplest of things can turn into really exciting adventures. Today I went for a jog along the beach with a friend. I’ve lived by this beach most of my life but have never really appreciated its simple beauty, or the fact that if you jog far enough along from the car park there’s not another soul in sight. We jogged along the shore, waves rising and falling, the sun creeping through the clouds, and birds sweeping the shore for unsuspecting fish. The sand was soft and our feet meandered through pebbles and shells until we were jogging through pure sand, the sea on one side, sand dunes on […]

Travel with peace of mind!


With Spring now leading us into Summer, there are probably many things you would rather do than go to work!  In fact, the stress of your manager always looking over your shoulder may be getting just too much and, well, you know how it is, with those colleagues simply bickering all the time, maybe it really is time to think about getting away from it all! You could consider travelling to Morocco to visit the stunning Draa Valley, located south of the High Atlas Mountains, or perhaps you would prefer to hitch a ride on the back of a Camel across the Sahara desert or maybe follow that dream to […]

Spring time adventures…


  It’s beginning to look a lot like spring time… I don’t know about you but Spring is definitely my favourite time of year, and the beginnings of spring are starting to unfold… I love spring time, the smells, the sweet chirping of the birds in the trees, the sound of lawn mowers and work going on in gardens, waking up in the morning to light sneaking through the curtains, the sun setting ever so slightly further and further west and the feeling of new beginnings… It’s a time of change, the harsh winter coming to its end, the snow on the mountains slowly starting to retreat, daffodils growing in […]

A Moroccan challenge to lift the spirits…


Since I started training with Helen my life changed completely… I felt happier once I had set myself a challenge to climb the highest mountain of North Africa in my Dad’s Memory and raise as much money as I could for Cancer Research, plus I realised I had found a really great hobby… The months passed quickly as I kept training up to the trekking days for Morocco with Helen and the group…every weekend I would really look forward to each new mountain challenge and began to feel fitter and so much more positive about life… And then the day eventually arrived to fly to Morocco…I felt very excited and at […]

Mountain tops and Moroccan madness…


  I’ve recently returned from a trekking trip in Morocco with a group of fantastic girls. We reached North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkal, which was the ultimate highlight of the trip, but more uplifting was the camaraderie and support of a group of women that didn’t know each other so well at the beginning of the trip, but by the end were best of friends. Arriving at Marrakech airport you notice a few things as you step out of the airport; the first is the intense heat of the midday sun (and this is in November!). The second is the proximity of the Atlas Mountains ahead of you, a […]

Summer sunshine adventures…


  What a fantastic summer we’ve had, all this sunshine has been more than welcome and I’ve realised I’m definitely a fair weather person. Not quite sure what I’m going to do in the winter but hey!   For me, it has been such a nice change to wake up in the morning with the sun shining through the curtains, and not just the occasional morning but for weeks and weeks. To go out for a morning cycle to the beach, the waves rolling into the sand gloriously, or to take a walk up the hill to the viewpoint and look across to the distant view of the mountains – […]

Summer walking…with Grisport walking boots


Whether joining Desperately Seeking Adventure to journey into Snowdonia in North Wales, or tackling the Dolomites in Italy, Grisport boots are just what you need!   At Cherry Tree Country Clothing we have a range of Grisport walking boots that have been designed specifically for women. Grisport have spent considerable time designing boots that take into account the different foot shapes.   Desperately Seeking Adventure offers a range of walking holidays, including taster walks with gorge walking in the Lake District, and inspiring walks through alpine meadows and beautiful forests. Whatever your fancy, we have Grisport boots or shoes to meet your needs.   To climb the Dolomites above Lake Garda, […]

Morning adventures…


  I must admit I’m not really a morning person, I’m not one of those people that wake up in the morning, leap out of bed with a big smile on their face shouting Hallelujah it’s 6am, time to get up!! But once I’m actually up I do really appreciate the mornings and actually believe that morning is the best part of the day. Recently I’ve been forcing myself to get up early and do some exercise every morning, firstly because I’m finding it difficult to get the time to exercise in the evenings but secondly because basically over winter I’ve become a lazy slug in desperate need of a health […]