Adventures in a giant rubber ring…


Last week I tried white water tubing for the first time. Adrenaline packed for 3km downstream along the River Dee, after my intial fear (I’m no water baby!) it was exhilirating, fun and slightly chilly on the toes! Peeling our wetsuits on over our swimming costumes was the first adventure, and after listening to the safety briefing off we went in our giant rubber rings across from one ‘eddy’ to the next until we reached the first set of rapids. One by one we were called downstream and whilst we all waited in anticipation for our turn, we could hear the first lady reaching the rapids with a squeal (of […]

Adventures of a different kind…


Last week I learnt how to sit back and relax. Yes, my friends will think I’ve gone completely mad but it’s true, I did, and after a while I even started to enjoy it! Last week I spent 4 days in Tuscany with a good friend in a health spa resort doing some research. Now it’s true, my idea of adventure certainly isn’t sitting in a health spa ‘relaxing’, in fact it’s possibly one of my worst nightmares! One of my friends recently said I’m worse than a cat on a hot tin roof, constantly needing to be doing something.  However here I was in beautiful Tuscany, being shown the weird and […]

A month of Adventures…Trikes, Marmots and Italians.


  From riding through the streets of Chester on an amazing technicolour Trike, to testing out some Via ferratas in the Central and Southern Dolomites, and trying to speak my ‘best’ Italian to unbelievably hospitable hotel suppliers, this really has been a month of adventures… At the beginning of the month I met the Rainbow Trike Tours team and was given an exhilarating tour through Chester by founder of the company, Sue, a lady with a great idea and enough passion and commitment to be sure of success. That weekend I took a group of female choir singers on a walk through the beautiful hills of Snowdonia where we […]

My latest adventure…First time driving abroad!


Whilst arranging a weeks break in Tuscany with my mother and aunt, we booked the flights, our agriturisme accommodation and then discussed the logistics of getting from the airport to our Tuscan countryside accommodation. “I can drive”, a voice said, and I suddenly realised it was my own!! Why do I say these things, I wondered! I’d never driven abroad before, and stressful at its best, I imagined it to be even worse with my mother and aunt giving directions! This isn’t the first time I’ve opened my mouth before thinking – I once told a friend I could cut hair (I had occasionally cut my Dads!) – and when […]