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About Desperately Seeking Adventure

Desperately Seeking Adventure is an adventure travel and tour-company for any female with a little bit of adventure in her soul. Doing something new or challenging can often be nerve racking, but we still want to do it because the rewards can be enormous. Through taking part in an adventure within a group of like minded women not only do you get the support within the group, but also meet new people with different stories and life experiences to share.

Helen Keller once said “life is either a great adventure or nothing” and this is so true. Adventures are about challenging our boundaries, opening up your mind to a world of possibilities. There really are no limits to our adventures, what one woman may see as a real adventure, another may find completely terrifying or effortless.

Desperately seeking adventure is for any woman, any age, background, lifestyle and experience. Come and join us on one of our adventures…